Andrew Morales

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My name is Andrew Morales and I am a student at the Applied Technology Center High School located on Mines Ave in Montebello, Ca. I have attended the Applied Technology Center all 4 years of high school. I chose the ATC because I have an older brother who was going into his junior year by the time I was starting. Attending the ATC is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Starting my freshman year I began the process of our pathway rotation. I spent a quarter in each pathway and at the end of my freshman year I committed to the Health Sciences Pathway. This was shocking for a lot of my family because I was so set on engineering. I have been extremely involved in the health pathway. I joined clubs like HOSA, NAMI, and FNL. I served as NAMI Vice President my junior year and currently serve as the Treasure for FNL and Public Relations for 2020-2021 Associated Student Body (ASB).

Throughout my fours years I have taken advantage of ROP courses, Dual Enrollment, and other clubs that aren't health related such as: Muscle Hut, Fashion Club, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, and Sports Club.

I tried to be as involved as possible because I was always thinking about college and my future. In the fall, I will be attending California State University, Fullerton as a Kinesiology (Pre-Allied Health) major. In my future I would like to be a physicians assistant or Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). I am extremely excited to be starting at Fullerton in the Fall and look forward to all the new opportunities I will have there.

Blood Drive During COVID-19

Midway through my junior year the pandemic had struck. Two weeks off turned into a year and a half and before I knew it my senior year was gone. However discouraging and unfortunate this situation is, there are others who have had it worse. I'm specifically referring to those in hospital beds waiting for the next available pint of blood.

Due to this global pandemic our blood supply has been wiped out. What blood banks once held is currently gone and there are many individuals in our communities who need this vital fluid for survival.

The Applied Technology Center Blood Drive team, that I have been involved in since my sophomore year, has found a way to plan and host socially distant blood drives. Since the pandemic has started, we have hosted 2 blood drives and are currently working on our third. However impossible this vision may have seemed at first, we defied odds and have committed to bettering the supply in our communities.

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