Arianna Silvestre


Hello! I am a Bell Gardens High School Icare senior. I joined the program because I knew that I wanted to work with children once I became an adult. Because I want to become a neonatal nurse practitioner, I thought that it was important for me to understand the different factors that can affect a child's health mentally and physically. Since Icare focuses on the development of children in all aspects, the pathway helped me understand the development of a child during different stages of their life. This then allowed me to understand how to help support children's social, emotional, and physical needs no matter their age. I will be attending the University of California Irvine this fall where I will continue learning about child development and nursing. While obtaining my degree, all the patience, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills I learned during my time in this pathway will allow me to thrive at UCI.

 Reggio Emilia Diorama


Although a 3D diorama does not relate to Icare since the pathway does not focus on the importance of feng shui the understanding of preschool philosophies was the main focus of this project. There are many preschool philosophies that are all wonderful depending on the personality and needs of a child. Making sure that students were able to understand that each preschool philosophy was unique but equally important was emphasized numerous times while this diorama was being constructed. The diorama was supposed to explain how each preschool philosophy was unique. This individual uniqueness was supposed to be showcased throughout the classroom. This was done by creating certain items that could be found in an actual preschool (depending on the philosophy selected). Because Icare students were asked to make a 3D preschool diorama, each student was expected to spend weeks researching details that made each philosophy unique and because of this students came to understand that children thrive best when they are in a preschool that caterers to their needs, style of learning, and wants. This project focused on making sure that students were able to understand the difference in philosophies and the importance behind them.

Recyclable Sculpture

Sculpture making may only seem like a fun idea but some failed to realize that when children replicate or make make their own sculpture they often times help children expand their ability to interact with the things that are around them. The work behind sculpture making also provides a new way of developing self-expression and communication skills. Art in general has also been proven to helps children expand the right side of the brain. Other skills such as fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and self expression and creativity are all things that are somewhat mastered when creating a sculpture. . All these skill are important because they help children learn how to experiment, create a positive image of themselves and their accomplishment, and control their actions. Icares number one goal is make sure that their  students understand everything about the development of a child. Art is one way that children can develop many essential skills and understanding this concept as a student allows me to understand the importance of this project.

Dramatic Play Kit

Besides being extremely fun to play with, dramatic play kits can serve a number of different purposes. For instance, dramatic play kits allow children to build comprehension skills by allowing children to act out different actions/stories. Dramatic play kits also help children develop their social interaction skills since children are putting themselves in the shoes of another. Similarly, language development skills are also encouraged through this type of play. Children are encouraged to express their wants and needs while they are playing different pretend roles. An emphasis on a child’s own power is also explored since children have the opportunity to place themselves in a position of power when playing (ex: they may choose to be managers, CEO’s, the head of a hospital department, etc.). Dramatic play kits lets children control the events that may happen while playing, which makes playing enjoyable and empowering. These kits prove that they are very avantages, but if you're still not sold on the idea it is important to note that dramatic play kits also provide a nice escape from reality which is always nice to experience whether you are a child or not. Icare actively teaches their students that a child’s well-being and development is important to the overall growth of a child. Through play, children are able to express a number of emotions and wishes; the development of language skills, critical thinking skills, and more are all explored which makes this a very advantages project and form of play.

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