Citlalli Pontaza


My name is Citlalli Pontaza and I am a 12th grader in the iCARE Pathway. In my time as a student in Bell Gardens High School, I’ve been a part of Waterpolo, Track and Field, and Swim. I've been a dancer for most of my life more specifically a Folklorico (traditional Mexican dancing). As of lately, I've been very interested in learning more about my indigenous roots most specifically in the roms of spirituality and herbal medicine.

Dramatic Play Kit

In my Senior year in the iCARE Pathway, we did a dramatic play kit. A quality dramatic play center contains small toys that children can pretend with, such as dolls and dollhouses, cars, trucks, puppets, or small plastic animals. I did mine on a Chinese restaurant to promote the learning and appreciation of other cultures. I made the play kit by using paper, string, and glue, and a container to hold some of the foods. In my Dramatic play kit, they would develop social interaction skills and language and communication skills.

dramatic kit.jpg