Diana Sanjuan


My name is Diana Sanjuan a Senior at Bell Gardens High School. I have been part of the Culinary Hospitality Opportunities Pathway, AKA: CHOP, since my freshman year at Bell Gardens High School. I have loved being part of this program from the beginning until NOW!

Virtual pie competition

Based on my experience here in CHOP, I can say that this project was one of the most fun things that I have created and been a part of. For this year with Covid going on and being quarantined at home, my pathway (CHOP) was able to host a Virtual Pie Competition last year! It was so much fun and have learned so many new techniques and skills which include knowing the right way to measure my ingredients and being able to make beautiful designs on my pie. I decided that for my pie, I wanted it to be any apple pie. I would say that my pie filling was very delicious because my whole family loved it and wanted me to create more pies for them in the future. For the pie competition, any grade level in the High School were able to participate. I am the type to want to always be involved and participate. I as a CHOP student, have grown a lot and was able to place 3rd place for my grade! For my grade which is senior, I had the third most points for my pie! I was beaming with joy and realized that me being in this CHOP pathway has allowed me to feel rewarded with such a placement on the pie competition. I enjoyed every moment of being a part of this pie competition!