Dulce Barajas

My name is Dulce Barajas, I am excited to let you know some information about myself. I am a 12th grader at Bell Gardens High school. I have been a part of the ICARE pathway since my freshman year of high school and it has been enjoyable. In the ICARE pathway, I have learned many new skills and have greatly increased my knowledge of child development and customer service. I am a passionate student eager to learn more especially in the field of psychology and science in general. I have always loved helping others whether it is to learn or to help them plan something new. Some of my future plans are to go to college, major in psychology, and travel the world.

Fire Safety

The project I am highlighting is my fire safety project. For this project, we created a presentation that would help children understand the steps to follow when there is a fire in their home. We created a presentation board, a pillowcase with objects inside, and an activity. As we presented, we mentioned closing the doors so the fire won't spread. We also explained that they should keep a pillowcase with safety materials (like a flashlight, band-aids, Vaseline, a radio, and canned foods) to have it easily accessible for a fast escape from the fire. We mentioned that if they realize there is a fire: they should run, leave any toys, pets, and blankets and stay out. We also taught them how to stop drop and roll if they caught on fire and that it would be safer to do it on wet grass rather than dry grass. The learning objective for this was:

After teaching the children about hazardous materials that can cause fires, they will identify and locate the objects that threaten their safety.