Gissel Mercado

My name is Gissel Mercado. I'm 17 years old. I like playing sports. In the future, I wanna become a social worker. The reason I joined the engineering pathway was that I really enjoy learning new stuff. I really found engineering interesting because of the number of different jobs around this career. Definitely, an amazing experience and you make lots of friends.


Definitely, one of my proudest moments in engineering, even though we did not win. My group and I took about the whole semester to finish this project for femineers. We built this project from scratch using VEX parts, we attached a motor and a sensor. We then programmed it to turn the flip-book when someone triggers the sensor. Through this project, I learned that communication is key to get things done. I came out of my shell doing this project, I feel like my presentation skills have certainly improved from when I started, still need to work on it though. I will use this in the future when working with others, knowing everything is possible if you put your mind to it. The advice I would give to incoming pathway students is to use all the tools, ask your teacher if you’re interested in doing a project you feel passionate about they will always support you and help you in anyway they can; and to talk and be friends with each other.

Sand Scooper

Project Description: My project focuses on recycling and helping out the environment. I addressed the question "how will it help?", it can help clean out the beach way faster and more affordable.

The problem I was addressing was finding a better, easier, and cheaper way to clean the beach. I made this recycled sand scooper to help show that it doesn't take a lot to help out the environment. Specifically, little pieces of trash that hard to pick up. The process was definitely fun, I had to get out and look for all the materials and unhook the tennis' net first. Then I added my own net making sure it was as tight as possible. A challenge I had was closing it at the bottom, couldn't really find a solution but ended up stitching it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to test it out at the beach due to the coronavirus; but I'm planning to as soon as I can. What I learned was that it is so easy to help the environment and anyone could make this and help out. Something I would do differently would be purchasing a stronger net or like a professional fisher net, that way it will be more efficient and last longer.