Jayleen Alcala

Hello! My name is Jayleen Alcala, I am currently enrolled in the Culinary, Hospitality, Opportunities Pathway(CHOP) for 4 years now. My main goal now is to go to college or university and major in business administration or business economics so that I can be able to manage a store or work in marketing. I want to be able to learn a lot about management and leadership, as well as accounting, finance, and project management.

The representation I want to give out to my audience or viewers is a great role model so that they can pursue their dreams in the future. Through this career, I am hoping to meet new people and create great communication skills. In addition, I am a passionate and dedicated person that wants to pursue something more than just a "job". For example, I want to learn more about planning, controlling, and organizing a business.

Creating a Menu

My project focuses on Mexican traditional delicacies. I addressed the question “Why does Mexican food taste so delicious?” Through this project, I created a menu that focuses on traditional Mexican food and beverages. These foods taste so scrumptious because they are delicacies made by generation through generation. As well as they are made with the most important ingredient, the love that comes from every family's dining table. The reason I chose to make this as my pathway artifact is because it reminds me of the food my mom makes during family gatherings which brings us together. The skill I acquire behind this artifact is valuing the importance of traditional and simple yet delicious recipes.